Tuesday 19 October 2010

The fizz has gone out of the champagne....

"We lost a good friend this morning"....that was how the news was broken this afternoon to me here in India from the UK. So sad. But the way to remember David is with a smile on one's face and a warmth in one's heart. David brought those into my life and to everyone else's life his touched. I can't actually recall the first time I met him, he just seems to have always been there. We worked together as colleagues, and his jovial nature won him many friends. In the days when companies did corporate entertaining we had to take lots of customers and prospects to lunch or dinner - no such thing as a free lunch for them or us!  David  was an excellent colleague to do this with, his bon viveur, his storytelling, his ability to talk with anyone and everyone won the day. He made those difficult business dinner conversations easy, balancing work and non work topics with a deft touch. Others can tell more about other aspects of his life I am sure, but that is how I will always remember him as David the storyteller. So as he would have done I retell the only joke told to me here in India, which, be warned, is about religion and about death There were three mountaineers.....
David, RIP. I'd toast you with a beer but there is none here in India!
Photo reproduced from Dave's fb collection


  1. Bon Viveur - literally a good liver of life. I can't think of a better description of David. I will always remember him with a smile and recollection of a story during our travels. David enriched the lives of all who knew him or came into contact with him. RIP


  2. Sorry to hear this. I'm glad you got to share some stories about him when you were with us last weekend.

  3. Sorry to see this story. There are some people who leave a lasting impression on you and looks like David was one of them x