Monday 23 February 2015

The Big Crunch

When I was small

my world was.

Mum, dad and me.

I explored the garden

and as it grew

I did too.

I ventured forth

down the lane exploring

to the next village courting

School and uni

meeting the new, the different, the unexpected.


When I was small

I was besotted with space

a universe beckoning

From “Thunderbirds are Go” and Marvel Comics

a girl’s own adventure story

for real as Tereshkova circled my earth.

Sci-fi became sci-fact

with non stick Teflon pans in the kitchen

with televisions in every house, in every room, in every hand

miniaturised open access to all, for all.


When I was small

my world was.

Now, the coin has flipped

the world wide womb,

a net of time

fast folding over me,

shrinking my view,

constraining my movements,

the black hole weighs in on me

“Beam me up Scottie”

for today is a good day to…..


Note: The Big Crunch is the term used in cosmology for one possible ultimate fate scenario where/when the expansion of space reverses and the Universe re-collapses back on itself, ending in a Black Hole or another Big Bang beginning.

It seems to me that life’s path is somewhat analogous to this, and if one believes in reincarnation or has a faith in the hereafter this moment of recycling is similarly comparable.

© Sheila Ash, 23rd February 2015

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