Thursday 20 January 2011

Rajasthan (19) – Bikaner family visit

In Bikaner we stayed at The Vinayak Guest House. Our host Jitu was delightful and I’d most certainly recommend staying there, especially if you are interested in wildlife. It is his passion and we spent a great day out and about with him.  He organises camel treks and although we were not going to do one we did go with him to meet the family who have the camels he uses. This is a very traditional family, and the women were veiled. As we were 3 women travelling, Jitu left us with the family and gradually the women open up, relaxed and we chatted as best we could over a cup of tea.  And the old man kindly allowed me too video him putting on his turban!

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  1. Wonderful pictures... wonderful memories.

  2. Thanks McGillicutty, I really needed that break - not only being somewhere else, with folks I know, but doing "normal" things and having "normal" conversations using more than basic English! Yes excellent memories!

  3. I am so, so, so jealous...
    One of my new fights with my husband is his annoying new acquired taste for boring travel destinations.

    He said he needs to speak the language, have proper toilets and be able to cross the road without fear.