Saturday 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas good wishes to everyone who has supported me through the past year that I have been here in India. You know who you are: you have telephoned, emailed, written real letters, given me shelter and sustenance when I came home unexpectedly this summer, sent goody boxes and bottles, supplied reading materials, arranged delivery of replacement spectacles, wrote comments on my blog, messaged me on facebook, chatted with me on skype and generally gave me your moral support and encouragement. You are friends and family at home in the UK and across the continents in Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia, you are my Constant Reader buddies, my past travel companions, my VSO colleagues past and present, you are the readers of this blog.
Now take 15 minutes to read what is arguably the best Christmas time story ever written
Go on read  it aloud, to yourself, to your friends, your children.
And if you like it, post a blog comment to let me know.
Better still make a small donation to keep Project Gutenberg alive and digitising all the world’s out of copyright literature.

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