Saturday 11 December 2010

Rajasthan (4) – Jaipur (continued)

PB250668 The Jantar Mantar is a collection of astronomical devices from the early 1700s, laid out a bit like a Sculpture Park. It made us wish we knew more about the way they had been used, but even without this information it was fascinating just to wander round, seeing all the forms, the juxtaposition of shapes, and the geometry that the Rajputs were so clearly fond of. These devices were used by court astrologers. Today still astrology plays an important part in Indian culture: weddings are arranged for astrologically auspicious dates and times.PB250686 
PB250664 PB250708PB250689
PB250696   PB250699 PB250700

PB250673 PB250674 PB250680 PB250705

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