Wednesday 15 December 2010

Rajasthan (7) Udaipur – Lake Pichola

 PB270921PB291282-cropPB291277 Our second city  for our Rajasthan trip was Udaipur  It sits aside Lake Pichola, thankfully this year filled with water. We stayed in the Kankarwa Haveli after recommendation from fellow volunteer Isabel. Its roof top restaurant has excellent views (see panorama photo above), but the overhanging balcony of our room, where I slept, had an excellent view of the Lake, of one of the bathing ghats where we could see men and women bathing, women washing clothes,  and could see across to the Jag Niwas, build in early 1600s, and now The Lake Palace Hotel. You used to be able to go there for a visited but heightened security means no access for non residents, so we had to make do with glimpses from our window vantage point and from the boat ride around the lake. Sadly we had to make do with boat view of the Jag Mandir as well as it had been commandeered by some Mumbai big wig for a wedding.

PB281273 PB291341 PB271046

PB291354 PB291394 PB291390

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  1. udaipur city is such a great place to visit i think udaipur is best place in rajasthan....