Thursday 30 December 2010

Today is the day for Roxy Music

Only brothers and sisters, parents and children, and a few couples spend longer in each others lives. Jane and I first met in our initial weeks at University, we became friends and later flat mates: 6 girls together  - where are you all now? - Gill, Jeanette, Dina, Audrey, Jane and Sheila, What fun! What times! What parties! What memories!  Photos from that time are rare – few cameras, no mobile phones, – and the few photos I have are packed away in storage back in the UK, but so many scenes are locked inside our heads, there to remain in a pre facebook state. Thank goodness, I hear you say!
JaneLittle did I realise in my 20s that our friendship would survive me pinching two of Jane’s boyfriends (not as bad as it sounds, we  found we didn’t have the same taste in men), all the usual ups and downs of life, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, holidays, and a few extra ‘curved balls’ that were flung our ways.  It would see us through the good times, the bad and the plain indifferent. Every time we’d meet up it would always be the same, chatting about this, that and the other, people we knew, ourselves, men, our gardens, our houses, our lives, books, clothes, music, the world, politics, religion: you name it Jane could talk about it.  As those curved balls became more serious and more intense, Jane’s character shone through at its best, ever the optimist, always positive and determined, never giving up, forever strong. Jane, I am proud to have known you and called you my friend.  And now, what else but some Roxy……….

Photo reproduced courtesy of Nico Hamilton

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